I have a vendetta against split ends.

Every time I see a hair shaft begin to sever itself into separate entities, I obtain a sharp object (more than often scissors, but I’ve been know to use a other things) and take off at least an inch to insure no spilt ends have been spared. Call me crazy, but I ABHOR split ends, I loathe them with every once of my being. They’re like dead weight and they make no improvement to the state of healthy hair. I’d rather have 3 inches of fully healthy, shiny, vibrant tresses than 36 inches of dead dry, crispy strands. Plainly put, it is against my religion to be here or anywhere for split ends. I merely cannot… ever! At least when you prune a garden, you can use the shards for compost, you can’t use the dead hair for much of anything! It’s not visually appealing, it sounds crunchy, it feels Sahara desert dry, I’m pretty sure it would taste and smell bad to. Dead, split, hair/ends is in no ways shape or form stimulating to any sense so it should be eradicated as soon as humanly possible…. that is all.

One thought on “Vendetta!

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