The Struggle

The phrase: “The Struggle” has been in my vocabulary for about 4 years now. My friends and use this phrase (mostly) to discuss the inability to refrain from doing something or someone you know that you should. Not that you will regret it, but that it is probably in your best interest not to do it. It is also used to describe annoyingly trying situations that people go through from time to time. The struggle is mostly something that is hard to resist of get away from and refer to the following situations:

1. Wanting to have sex with someone you know you shouldn’t because it’s great sex, but they’re not the person you should be fornicating with

2. Alcohol

3. Not finishing your work/homework/project/lesson plans etc.

4. And just any situation where you feel as though your time and energy needs not be wasted listening to people, doing things, or getting out of bed

*Honorable mention: getting out of bed


The Struggle is real… Struggle chronicles coming soon…

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