I miss my hair

I know this is a silly post, because I’ll be the first one to roll my eyeballs to my occipital lobe when a girl who just cut her hair cries about how much she misses it, but hear me out.

I have GREAT hair.

I’ve pretty much done everything that you can do to hair and then some, but I take great care of it and it always grows back stronger and more resilient. (Just like me, but that’s a rabbit hole I won’t take just yet). My hair is soft and curly, manageable on most days, but the bad days are scarf and hat days. I even wore modesty (a hijab) one day.

I do a lot to my hair, I think, because it’s something that I feel completely in control of. I control the input, function, and output and I love it. I’ve always felt like things happened to me and I never got a say in the matter. Such is life, but I have found that being able to manipulate something in my life keeps me from the bottle (non-turn up purposes) and keeps me sane. being a Generation Y twenty-something recent college grad has been Topsy turvy. My hair shouldn’t need to be added to the equation. Except my vendetta against split ends gets in the way.

So one day I was feeling particularly angry with my hair and I saw shears on sale fore $15. I quickly googled reviews on this item and it passed my standards on hair products. As soon as I could get away from the check out lady, looking at me suspiciously about my purchase, I sped home and began my next hair adventure. 2 hours later, I was pleased with myself, I wrapped my hair and went to sleep. I knew I’d achieved greatness when my coworker dropped her jaw staring at me the next morning. What was weird though is everyone loved it, it was a very androgynous cut that I had been wanting to try for a while and everyone from my mother to my neighbor’s dog continued to let me know how much they loved it. I had that style for a couple of months. Last week, I cut my hair low again and then dyed it a very light blonde. Because of my recent tan I thought it looked a little off, but in came the rave reviews once more. I love short hair because it’s easy to do when you don’t life doing your hair all the time, but now I want hair. I as much as I love short hair, I love big hair. I need to get this together.

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