The type of Greeks I don’t like

I’m a member of a D9 sorority because I believe in uplifting the (black) community. It used to be that being Greek was an esteemed accomplishment because not only did you hold a post secondary degree, but you had over come other obstacles and joined a Greek lettered organization in which the mission is the help others achieve the same if not more than you have. But because we life in a time of instant gratification and looking out only for self, people have skewed the honor that it is to be a member of a Greek organization. Here is a short list of the type of Greeks I don’t care for and will never be cool with.

1. The my letter made me Greeks (you’re popular because of your letters, I couldn’t care less)

2. The Greeks that think everything and everyone is “sus” “paper” etc. (we weren’t all brought in the same way and there are more important things to be worried about GET A LIFE)

3. The Greeks who go Greek just to be “popular” (Just Bye!)

4. The Greeks who only want to tell you how hard they pledged (I don’t care, that doesn’t make you a better person, when was the last time you did real community service and paid dues? I’ll wait)

5. The Greeks who can’t talk about anything but their org and Greek life (shut the entire f*ck up, you’re not even a neo anymore)

6. Greeks who think that they are invincible because they pledged (you took wood, that does not mean that you won’t die doing dumb things)Life is about balance. Allow Greek life to mold you into an upstanding member of society, not the annoying neighbor.



Fed up with your shenanigans

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