The virgin and the girl who’s virginity grew back are going to sex therapy

My good friend (the only virgin over the age of 23 I know) and I are going to therapy because we have issues. Probably because I have relationship issues mixed with men issues and she’s, waiting til marriage… maybe. No one can explain my issues to me in depth and in a way I can understand them. She doesn’t know if she has issues at all. It may just be I have a false sense of what a relationship should be so I shy away from getting close to anyone, but I’m ready to combat that and I have no idea where to start.

Why sex therapy?

Because we aren’t having sex. Be it a little asinine, we discussed it and it makes sense. If you find out why you’re not having sex (I’m not celibate or purpose and she’s abstaining for vague reasons) then it could potentially help you figure out what you’re looking for in arousal and potential partners. You can dispute it in the comments.

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