Chivalry isn’t dead, it isn’t sick, it isn’t even injured. It’s tired. It’s tired of being taken for granted and constantly taking spit to the face. It’s in hiding. It’s has decided that it will only rear it’s head when it will be appreciated and I don’t blame it. Nobody likes being under-appreciated, called names, nor being disrespected. Chivalry is not thirst, game, deceit, or putting on, it’s a moral and honor code to basically be at the very least a decent human being. Dassit!

I’d rather not waste my time

I am fully capable of being a woman and doing the things that make me happy and I am also capable of being in a relationship and making sure that my man is well taken care of, but just because I am very much so capable of being in a relationship (better than a lot of people I know in a relationship) I’m not. I have all the qualities that most men look for in a mate (I can cook, clean, great conversation, I’m cute, parent’s love me, I’m interesting, and I give great massages) and I’ve had more than my fair share of offers, yet I’m single. Why? Well there’s a few reasons and the main one being that I don’t like non-meaningful relationships. I’ve only ever had one boyfriend and from that one relationship that didn’t even last a year I learned a lot about myself and how I see and value relationships. After a few women empowerment conferences I was able to cultivate those experiences into my likes, dislikes, deal breakers, and things I can compromise on. I know that these are fine for my early twenties and that they may change as I grow older, but right now I hold these truths to be self-evident.

Deal breakers:

Negative guys

Closed minded guys

Guys with no goals

Bad taste in music (I know this is petty, I do not care at the moment)

I may add to the list, but I’m pretty sure I won’t take away from the list. I’m one of those people who believes in the art of courting and I don’t care for relationships that act as place holder relationships. I don’t care about any title but the Wife title, so I’m completely OK with “dating” “courting” “going steady” because until you can see yourself having a future with me, and me reciprocating that, we don’t need any permanent (boyfriend/girlfriend) attachments. I want a mate who I can build an empire with, raise children with, grow old with, and really I just someone who will compliment me and be willing to stick around and rebuild after the storm hits. I’m not looking for a man free of flaws, just someone who’s flaws are worth loving. I want to be a loving and supporting wife for my future husband so I believe that me abstaining from meaningless relationships that will scar me aren’t worth it in the long run. I’m practicing delayed gratification because I’m a loyal woman and I’d like to stay that way so when the right person comes along, he’ll get the woman he deserves.


I have a vendetta against split ends.

Every time I see a hair shaft begin to sever itself into separate entities, I obtain a sharp object (more than often scissors, but I’ve been know to use a other things) and take off at least an inch to insure no spilt ends have been spared. Call me crazy, but I ABHOR split ends, I loathe them with every once of my being. They’re like dead weight and they make no improvement to the state of healthy hair. I’d rather have 3 inches of fully healthy, shiny, vibrant tresses than 36 inches of dead dry, crispy strands. Plainly put, it is against my religion to be here or anywhere for split ends. I merely cannot… ever! At least when you prune a garden, you can use the shards for compost, you can’t use the dead hair for much of anything! It’s not visually appealing, it sounds crunchy, it feels Sahara desert dry, I’m pretty sure it would taste and smell bad to. Dead, split, hair/ends is in no ways shape or form stimulating to any sense so it should be eradicated as soon as humanly possible…. that is all.

CISPA passed… Great!

So here’s what…

I’m by no means ashamed of who I am and what I represent, however; other people (mostly bigots, racist, and prejudice people) who don’t agree with my views and don’t want everyone to be great will do their best to use things that I believe are perfectly fine against me. I work a job that I am very grateful for but that over works me and doesn’t pay enough. I work with mostly small town old southern cacausian women, whom of which would be the first to judge me if they knew how I grew up or how I felt about certain people and politics. I wouldn’t put it past them to try to have me fired because I don’t believe the same things they do. I know how to be professional and I believe I do a pretty good job at being an adult at work most days. But if they were to see my any of my social networks other than FB, they would see the unprofessional, raw, un-sugarcoated me. Then they would judge, they would judge harshly and make me out to be some sort of unworthy heathen because I live my life the way I see fit. Because I’ve seen them do it. They don’t agree with homosexuality, Muslims, any religion besides Christianity, “Yankees”, Jews, etc. Which is fine because they have fist amendment rights that protect their freedoms, however; so do I. I don’t judge them, they shouldn’t be given help judging me. Therefore, I think that CISPA passing is a bad idea and I hope it doesn’t go down the route I see it going, or I may be a poor Grad student in ridiculous debt because I’m unemployed due to another stupid law made by out of touch representatives that up hold the US dollar more than they do the US constitution. *steps off soapbox*

I hate small talk

I abhor, loathe, can’t stand, detest, despise, execrate, small talk. Yes I am aware that it is not polite or of good taste to walk up to someone you don’t know and tell them intimate details of your life, or ask deep rooted “inappropriate questions”  but why not? I hate having to discuss the weather and today’s top hits. Why is it so wrong that I want to walk up and start a conversation with someone about the intricacies of the how our education system is failing us? Why can I not discuss with a comrade on the bus stop that I am writing a science fiction novel that isn’t science fiction at all and is really a love story about a Robot and cheese so I should be able to deem it science fiction. Why can’t I discuss with the mailman why an unpopular is based in some truth but because of our failing education system no one believes it because we’re breast fed propaganda from the time we’re infants and can push the power button on the television? It’s not fair, that my conversations are reduced to mindless thoughtless concepts like “nice weather” and gossip, so why should I be forced into the corner of polite conversation when it makes my soul itch? Eaux, because I don’t want to embarrass or make others uncomfortable… fck that. No one cares about my sensitivities to mundane acts, so I shouldn’t have to care about them being uncomfortable. HMPH!

Have you ever…

Have you ever just not been a fan of someone’s face? Not that they’re ugly or uncute, just you don’t like it? I just saw this boy and he by “traditional American standards” would be cute, but I was just not a fan. Now I do have my personal biases, but this one was different. He was plain, forgettable, but I remembered him because of how much I was not here for his face. This is weird…