Adult ADHD

On a whim, I was browsing through a Health Magazine article called “12 Signs you may have Adult ADHD” and I fit the description of 10 of the 12. Although it would be nice to be able to explain why I lose my keys every morning and why I can’t seem to keep hold of a cell phone, I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t know why kept reading because the same thing happens with these types of articles that happen with webMD. They’ll basically have you to believe you have some type of terminal disease, when really it’s just stress. Now don’t get me wrong, I probably would pass a test for adult ADHD but that doesn’t mean I need to be medicated or get special therapy. I lose my keys every morning because my mother moves them every night, and I lose my cell phone because I really don’t like being bothered. Agreeing to be tested is saying that I want an excuse and I don’t,  but it could also be very helpful in figuring out why I tend to have “Bad luck”. Cath-22 much?