Overcoming Petty

I’m not petty, I’m selective

I’ve been a proud member of the twitter community since November 2008 and an active member since December of that same year. Those were the humble twitter days when we described it as the equivalent of making multiple FB status updates. I loved it and spent the next two years coercing my peers to make an account.

In 2011 when it seemed that everyone on earth had a twitter, I began to hate it. I spent my time ranting about how some people don’t need a twitter because I didn’t care what they had to say and then it hit me. You don’t have to follow people because you know them. I had the thought before, but it was easier to just follow and mute them than to tell them that you don’t care about their newly realized infatuation with having a penis, or that their lonely. I think I had finally reached my breaking point and decided I didn’t care if their feelings were hurt by my unfollowing them. When I got to having a timeline that I liked, I said that I would be more selective with whom I chose to follow. Your tweets must have substance, they must inform me, entertain me, or just be “real shit” and that means if you are new to twitter, I will not follow you.

Which brings me to the point of this overly long explanation… I followed someone new to twitter who only have 5 followers and 1 tweet yesterday… against my will to overcome the pettiness that has made its home within me. I’ve decided to give the person a month trial period to deem themselves worthy of my following and if they fall short, I will happily make the blue button gray. And let’s be honest, I’m not obligated to interact with you on social networks because I know you in person. I can’t help that we already know each other, but I don’t have to be bothered by your existence on social networking sites if I don’t want to. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to choose the people whom I will allow to bother me 🙂