Some people are just nice!

We don’t want anything in return for our niceness but gratitude and appreciation. We don’t want you to hit on us. We don’t do it for the money (although we may take it), we don’t do it for you to tweet about it, we don’t need for you to pay us back. We’re just fcking nice! It’s who we are as people, we’re not trying to pull a fast one, trick you, or anything like that. We simply want to give from the goodness of our hearts because we can and like to. Don’t tell us we don’t need to be so nice, or any variation of that statement. Just like it’s inherent in you to be ain’t shit, it’s inherent in me to help the elderly if they need it, or give homeless people money even if I think they may buy drugs with it. APPRECIATE THE NICE, hell more people need to be nice to you so you can realize that it’s a good thing and not the damn black plague! Get your mind right!